I’m here to open your eyes to all the shit you don’t have to carry.

I’m a women’s wellness coach (& licensed therapist in Oregon), and since 2016, I’ve been working with women just like you and me - convinced we have to do it all and do it perfectly.


Ways to Work with me:


Long Term

Are you ready to improve your mental and emotional well-being, reduce stress and burnout, and develop stronger relationships and a greater sense of empowerment?

Through 1:1 Coaching you will be able to recognize barriers and maladaptive behaviors that are negatively impacting your life and mental health. Walk away knowing how to communicate in significant relationships within your life boundaries, ask for help, say no, and evaluate when YOU want to say yes.

6 Months of coaching, 3 calls per month

F*uck Yeah!

Short Term

Transformative Coaching for Women on the Verge!
Overwhelmed, burned out, at your wits end with asking for help in your home? This will quickly tackle ONE big struggle/question you desperately need help with. You'll walk away with clarity and action on how to move forward. You'll have a week to put it into practice and review during the final session and rework any concerns or struggles you have.

2 Sessions to knock out that one big issue that's been holding you back